Where the magic happens. Within the last year or so, I have invested in a fair amount of new tooling and machinery. Although 80% of my craft is still about long patient days stood at the corner of my workbench, I wanted the other aspects of the frame building process to be more accurate, repeatable and to some extent variable. Having moved into a great new workshop about 5 miles north of the wonderful city of York, it meant I had more space to fill to further the quality of my workmanship.

Many builders have different opinions of what qualifies as a hand made bike. For me, I believe by introducing precision tooling the precision of the frames can only improve. When I build a truly bespoke lugged frame, I still mitre most of the frame using only hand files and a hacksaw - or angle grinder (I like the sparks) - this keeps the traditional side of me up to scratch, it can be a lot of fun too and is a great reminder of where I began. Afterall, the machines, fixtures and cutters are set up and operated entirely by hand, so technically speaking, the handmade bicycle lives on.

The workshop is also a wonderful place for my customers to visit if they have the time spare following the precision bike fitting process at York Cycleworks. There is always a big box of Yorkshire Tea and a kettle ready to boil, I can even provide a packet of biscuits of your choosing, as long as it’s chocolate Hob-Nobs.