Tony’s road bike turned out a real stunner and was the last bike of 2018 to leave with it’s proud new owner. Tony wanted me to build him a bike that would be quick but also super comfortable for some short sharp 30 mile or so rides, hence only one bottle cage. Using a mix of Columbus and Dedacciai tubing I built tony a bike that had clean flowing transitions between the tubes and kept the tubes slim enough to give it a moderately classic look with modern ride characteristics.

I received an email from Tony shortly after he collected the bike to tell me how pleased he is with it on first impressions - “I am lost for words to describe the bike, everything looks amazing from the frame design and style, the paint is a work of art and the components are spot on. I really like the Chris King headset in orange which compliments the grey and black design. I keep seeing new details every time I look at it, even down to the orange letter A and H on each side of the down tube which ties the orange in nicely”.

Now I just cant wait to hear how Tony feels about the ride quality when he get a nice day to take it out on the road.