Simon came along wanting something simple yet striking, with unique and personal details. He asked for a really classic look with the most up-to-date technology. For starters, I carved some simple detail into the lugs. I opted for the classic triangle cut-outs similar to those on the pressed sheet metal Prugnat S4 lugs made on the banks of the Canal du Loing in Prugnat, France. Obviously, these lugs would have much crisper shorelines than those of days gone by, when many builders made a frame every day or two. One feature I really like is the extended seat tube, which essentially looks like a double lug.

Once again, when it came to the paint, Simon wanted really classic colour combinations. Initially we spoke about cream, but I have always found cream to be a little bit of a dirty looking colour, so I suggested the stunning Aston Martin Morning Frost White pearl. This is generally my go-to suggestion for any white or cream bike - it’s just so beautiful. We combined that with a solid gloss burgundy to add extra contrast to the two main colours. To finish we went for a stunning gold fine lug line around all of the burgundy panels and windows. We added in a little Yorkshire rose since Simon’s from Leeds and finally, the logo of his favourite band ‘Phish’.

The components had to really compliment the frame. Luckily we got in there just in time before stocks totally dried up on the silver Shimano 9070 groupset. We went for the classic Nitto cockpit set-up. I use Nitto on all bikes of this style since the finishing quality really reflects that which I myself aim to achieve. Polished silver Chris King parts all around keep the high-quality finish flowing throughout here. Simon picked up a Lion, England brass bell and had it engraved with ‘Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul’, some inspirational lyrics from one of his favourite Phish songs. I drilled and tapped the solid forged aluminium stem to directly mount both the bell and the Di2 control box. To finish, we sent a Fizik Arione saddle over to Mick at Busyman Bicycles who re-covered it with his next level leather work, and matched it to the bar tape and saddle bag.