Paul is a mate of mine. He is in fact the first person who ever took me out for a road ride here in York after we chatted a few times on Twitter. We had spoken on and off for a while about building a bike for him after I made some mods to one of his other bikes. The time finally came when Paul had figured out what he wanted. He knew pretty much exactly what he was after, but we applied the same process as with any customer and got him up on the bike fit jig. Within a millimetre or two, the bike was exactly as he’d predicted. After a couple of decades of riding, you get to the point where you know what works for you.

Paul wanted something minimalist. Only black, white and raw metal or carbon would be allowed. This got us thinking about Cafe Racers; classic British motorcycles, stripped down to the basics and ridden by the Rockers of the 1960’s. Chequers, raw aluminium, simple paint… it all seemed to make perfect sense, not to mention that Paul loves a club run out to a café. Paul’s smart and witty, but often quiet. The understated look of this bike suits him down to the ground. It’s always really special to be given the opportunity to build bikes for your pals and Paul’s was no different!