After building Matt’s stunning pair of road bikes, I asked if he would mind writing a few words about them as we took a ride through the countryside just north of York as he collected ‘Part deux’. This is something I really enjoy doing with my customers whenever I have the time. Matt and I developed a great working relationship, so it was fantastic to be able to get out and enjoy the stunning crisp winter blue sky with him and chat about bikes, point out a local few race circuits and show him one or two of the roads I ride regularly. The few words I asked Matt to write turned out to be a wonderful testimonial, so I figured I would use that as the write up for his bikes. Thanks Matt, it was a pleasure working with you!


I was after a “best bike” to mark my 40th birthday.  It would have been really easy for me to go and buy a top end carbon fibre bike off the shelf from my local bike shop, but I wanted something individual and unique, built specifically for me.  I was looking for something that looks timeless, understated but stunning. Something I would still be riding for decades to come.  I wanted a bike that was going to be super comfortable and I could sit in the saddle all day on rolling UK roads, but equally efficient going up, and sharp and responsive on long descents for my occasional trips to the alps.

What I got surpassed all my expectations.  It fits like a glove and I have never ridden before in such comfort.  All the niggling little aches and pains I’ve experienced before on longer rides have been eliminated and I feel like I can ride on and on.  The handling is superb, I have such confidence through corners and switching direction sharply down technical descents. 

The overall design and paint scheme, which was so difficult to decide, ended up being far better than I could have hoped for.  Absolutely stunning.  And the parts and finishing kit round it off to be a real no-regrets build: I wouldn’t change a single thing if I were to do it again and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

But above all, the whole experience from first email through to the bike fit and workshop visit and the countless back and forth emails and chats deciding on the finer detail, through to finally pick up at the Bespoked cycling show in Bristol has been amazing, and the memories of that experience result in the finished bike being even more special; an experience that could never to replicated by buying off the shelf.


Having recently taken delivery of a new Feather “best bike” I quickly came to realise that my other go-to bikes were now obsolete.  Poorly sized, uncomfortable, poor handling and the cause of increasing aches and pains over longer rides, I realised that the best option was to sell the lot and invest in a Feather “winter bike” to complete my collection.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made. Despite working on a budget significantly less that the “best bike”, Ricky put as much effort and enthusiasm into this build as the “best bike” and it shows.  It’s absolutely stunning with some really nice unique features to solve some specific requirements I had. The parts and finishing kit, while on a budget, were really well selected by Ricky and the result is a rock solid winter bike that looks stunning, fits like and glove, and will be used and abused through all and any weather.