Ben is a designer and approached me with the idea of doing something really different. He wanted to funk up the paint and design it himself. Somehow this bike has a range of colours that really pack a punch, yet doesn’t appear garish. I love the areas of solid colour against the House of Kolor candy fade background. We even went for a bit of paint on the hardware of the Thomson seat post on this one.

For me though, the most fun part of this entire bike is the ladybirds. Ben had an engineer he works with somehow CNC the tiny life-sized stainless steel ladybird braze-ons; 4 in total. These represent each member of his family. The orange one is himself and the red ones are his wife and two girls: Such a cool and considerate thought.

The frame is otherwise a fairly straight-forward, no nonsense fillet brazed road bike, perfect for buzzing around London and the surrounding rolling roads of Kent and Essex. That is, of course, not inclusive of the beautiful integrated seat bolt. This is far from an easy thing to produce, but is the ultimate in clean lines and custom work on a clean, smooth road bike.