Alan’s road bike is a prime example of what I was describing during the write up about the Giro road bike. Alan loved the bike I built for Giro, but he wanted something really quite different. He wanted a bike that had classic lines and gave a much softer ride but with equal style and build quality. I used slimmer Columbus tubing and a bi-oval down tube; similar to but more up to date than the famous MAX shape. A tapered and squished top tube gives a smoother, less bulbous transition into the head tube, but marries up just as smoothly to the seat tube. The beautiful Dedacciai Adamantis S-bend seat stays add a bit of sponge from the rear end up into the saddle.

We went for the lower profile ENVE 3.4 rims to take away a little rigidity but keep the speed that ENVE SES are so well known for. This is the ultimate all-day road bike and perfect for the Northumberland rolling roads that Alan calls his locals.