From the age of around 12 or 13, I fell out of love with playing football and discovered BMX. Not racing, but ‘street riding’. I didn’t realise it in the early days, but it allowed me so much freedom to be creative. Myself and a handful of mates would scour every street, every car park and every school, on every estate in our area, until we’d found every spot, then we would move further afield and scout out spots in other areas. We would ride anything we came across. After a few years, we had been to most major UK cities. BMX made the world feel so small, everyone knew each other, or at least knew someone who knew you. That’s when the travelling bug kicked in. Not long after leaving school and getting my first job, I had a ticket booked to Austin, TX.

For the next few years, I would go to both the USA and Europe and sleep on couches for a month at a time. This allowed me to see that outside of the working class box of factories and building sites I had grown up around and realise that people actually had cool jobs. That art, design and photography were things people made a living doing. But I also saw that people were being creative with manual jobs, such as welding, which is exactly what I did in the factories. Seeing these things I wouldn’t have even imagined only a couple of years earlier made me realise that I couldn’t spend the rest of my life doing something simply to make a living. I needed more than that, I needed an outlet, I needed to explore, I needed diversity. Cue Feather Cycles.

Feather Cycles was born from a thirst to create a useful, desirable and high performance product from a marriage of my absolute passion and the monotony of my day job. By bringing the two together, I was able to make my day job, my vocation. Something I couldn’t live without now. I get to work with people from all walks of life; the mates I ride with in the local club, creatives, builders, doctors, ex pro’s…. You name it, I’ve worked with them. The drive this gives me is something I can’t imagine I would get from any other line of work. I get to design, I get to take photos, I get to use art, architecture, fashion, graphics and jewellery as inspiration.

In a world of here today, gone tomorrow online publications, it gives me so much pleasure that I get to actually make something; something that will last a very long time; something that will inspire others and give the owner years and years of joy. Because I make this product, people get to explore and use their imagination the same way I did in back in my BMX days, yet aboard a bicycle made purely for them, and them only. Made to measure, painted to show off their personality, with custom geometry to handle perfectly for the style of cycling they intend to do and finished off with the absolute finest components to suit any budget.